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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Vanity Fair: Trump Knew Jeffrey Epstein Had Incriminating Photos of Bill Clinton

Back in 2015, onstage at the annual CPAC conference, Trump said something very interesting about Bill Clinton. "Nice guy," he said. "Got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems."

Trump knew what he was talking about. Vanity Fair reports that, shortly before CPAC, Trump was approached by David Pecker, who then owned the National Enquirer. Pecker visited Trump and brought along "an issue with a Prince Andrew and Epstein-related cover." They were joined by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

After the meeting, Trump called in Sam Nunberg, who then worked for him. Nunberg told Vanity Fair:



Anonymous said...

Prosecute BILL CLINTON Finally !!!! Girls are Witness !!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse then pervert bill clinton is that rank putrid enabling ekank married to him. The only thing worse then her are the disgusting foul degenerates that voted for her.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago even the MSM was shocked over how much the Clinton Foundation had spent on travel expenses. Bill Clinton tried to lie and minimize just how many times he flew on one of Epstein's airplanes. Everyone honest knows Bill is a pervert and just like every singe other pervert he didn't stop being one after Monica. Once a pervert always a pervert. Epstein was black mailing Clinton and the pay offs were funneled thought the foundation as travel expenses for Clinton using Epstein's fleet as a reason for Clinton paying Epstein.

Anonymous said...

Still hoping something will come of this?Won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Billy knows a good time when he sees it😂😂lord knows he is tired of the same old same old with Hilly!!!

Anonymous said...

4:47 You need help !