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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ocean City Recorded 101% Increase In 911 Hangups In July

OCEAN CITY – Resort officials continue to seek answers for the growing number of 911 hang ups taking place throughout town.

On Monday, Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro presented the Ocean City Police Commission with an update on police activity for the month of July.

Among the top 25 calls for service last month, Buzzuro said the most notable statistic was 911 hang ups, which increased from 538 in July of 2018 to 1,084 in July of 2019, a 101% increase.

In a review of the issue, the department noted the locations from which the calls originated were not confined to a certain area, but rather spread out citywide.



Anonymous said...

I was robbed! No, never mind, it was just my hotel bill. Or my parking fine, or my amusement park charges, or my diner bill for my family....

Anonymous said...

You would think they had caller ID.

Anonymous said...

As a former 911 dispatcher in another state I can not tell you the amount of hours spent hunting down 911 hang ups. The dispatch center attempts to pin point the location as close as possible but every time there are updates to cell phones pin pointing becomes harder until the agency updates it’s own software. I agree that many times it is what we called butt dialing as the phone was in the back pocket of the owner and they would sit down and it would dial 911 automatically due to the emergency button located on the phone. If people would shut off their phones when not in use it would make life so much easier for the police but today’s society can not go 15 minutes without checking their phone so that is never going to happen. I do wish someone would educate people that if you get a phone call from a police department please answer and let them know it was in error so they can be available for a real emergency. Every agency is different but my agency was in a town of 100,000 people and dispatch had to follow up on every 911 call.
The burner phones are the worst as they are very difficult to pin down. Officers spend lots of time checking areas where the phone may be located.

Anonymous said...

Smart watches are the biggest issue that I've noticed in the last year. Seems like everyone has one now and no one knows how to use them.

Anonymous said...

Just turn your phone off when not in use says 7:23, now just how can a call be received if it is turned off?