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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The number of fake emotional support dogs is exploding – why?

It’s easy to get your pet designated an emotional support animal. But abuse of the system takes a toll on those with genuine needs

According to her owner, Nick, 40, Rosie – a 50lb, eight-year-old yellow labrador retriever – is a very good girl. (Both man and dog are using a pseudonym for reasons which will be soon made clear.)

Much of Rosie’s goodness is inherent, by virtue of her being a dog. But Rosie is not just a lovable creature, she is a helpful one, too. Rosie can open Nick’s fridge for him. She can press handicap door activation buttons, heel off-leash on busy New York sidewalks, and she’s even dabbled in a little search and rescue. She exhibits extreme self-control, especially when wearing her assistance animal vest, which she knows means she’s on duty.

Nick doesn’t fly with Rosie anymore, but when he did, she’d take up to 20 flights a year.



Anonymous said...

Because people have an ENTITLED attitude! They feel they are entitled to take a pet anywhere they want, including the grocery store!

Anonymous said...

Amen 335pm. Similar to parents who feel the need to bring their children to bars. Not restaurant with bars, I mean a regular bar.

Few more weeks and the vacationers will be all gone!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the vacationers $$$$$$$$ they bring....but the stupidity is just...well can't fix stupid!

Anonymous said...

There are many dogs out there that are really not service dogs, you can buy the vests on line it is just people wanting to take their pets where they go instead of leaving them at home, it's like the designer clothes, a new watch, a trinket to be seen with. The latest fad, they are doing the dogs a disservice and just like Jake it's all about the selfie kind of thing attention. A Lady at Happy Timers would take her dog every week he was not a real service dog, he smelled terrible and was seen over and over deficating on the carpets peeing on someone's purse or belongings. Never held on a leash just let go and drag the leash to wherever he wanted to go. And the idiot who had the dog would just chuckle if he "did a boo boo" and this is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Only because they can.

Anonymous said...

They will be the first wave of people to have their guns taken. Them and the prescription marijuana crowd who have signed government paperwork claiming they have emotional instability or mental disorder. Like taking candy from a baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for a lot of government regulations, but there needs to be a standard licensing for REAL service dogs. Like it's been said, any idiot can go on Amazon and buy a service vest for any type of animal.