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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Federal judge rules against Maryland over obvious vote fraud potential

Those Democrats who keep telling us that vote fraud is rare and insignificant fight like hell to make sure the evidence remains buried — even when there are obvious danger signs such as exists in Montgomery County, Maryland, where there are more registered voters than resident citizens.

You might think officials would be anxious to find out why that is and would be eager to clean up their voter rolls. Certainly, any officials that cared about the integrity of the vote would want to ensure that malefactors would not be able to pick up ballots and vote them (as the practice of "vote harvesting" permits).

But for reasons only they can explain, Maryland officials fought in federal court to prevent Judicial Watch from obtaining voter data lists.

And they got skunked.


Anonymous said...

So, it's Trump's fault, eh? Montgomery County is a cesspool just like Baltimore City. Time for new leadership at the Board of Elections!

Anonymous said...

I'm upping my monthly donation to Judicial Watch. Thanks, Tom Fitton!

Anonymous said...

This is pandering to the idiots out here voting machines are not connected to the internet.Someone on the inside would have to do it.