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Friday, August 16, 2019

BREAKING: Report of a Roller Coaster Crash At Jolly Rogers

A Level one mass casualty incident has been declared. In simple terms mass casualty incident is any incident where at least 5 people are injured . It is activated to better manage resources and allow effective communication to the hospitals . The term has nothing to do with the severity of the injuries.

UPDATE - Two roller coaster cars collided on the Wildcat

command advises 4 pediatric patient and 1 adult for transport to Hospital 

All injuries are reported as minor

 Photos from
Lancaster County, PA and Global Emergency Alerts and News


Anonymous said...

Pray for all concerned. I happen to know the operators who are strong followers of Christ. I am sure they are devastated.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I heard a bunch of sirens. I hope those kids are ok.

Anonymous said...

The Endless Summer of 2019 cannot end fast enough for Rickie and Co.