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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Baltimore housing authority spent nearly $200,000 to replace new toilets amid Poe Homes water outage

At Baltimore’s Poe Homes public housing complex, city officials had just installed toilets designed to use less water when a water main break disrupted service to the nearly 300 residents in June. Once it was restored, water pressure was so low, the new toilets wouldn’t flush.

The city’s solution: Spend $188,732.77 for plumbers to work overtime replacing the efficient commodes with old-fashioned models purchased by the dozen from Home Depot.

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City hired two contractors to perform the emergency work amid a water outage that sparked outrage from city leaders, according to invoices obtained by The Baltimore Sun through a public records request. City Council President Brandon Scott called it “unacceptable for residents to be without water for this long.”



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...the typical Democratic controlled solution, throw money at it after not having thought the whole thing through in the first place.

Anonymous said...

And poor senior citizens are commiting murder/suicide because they can't pay their medical bill. Something is so wrong with this sick country.