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Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Viewer Writes......


I noted from a previous post the  question had been ask to see just where the 
County Laws  stated to bring a dog  inside  ,  out of 90 degree temps. 

 Below you will find the  site to view this under Wicomico County 
Animal Care law requirements --- Title 133-23 
" Animal Care"------page 33 ,  Under  "B" , Shelter 
for Domestic Animals  ,  which was  passed this year. 

I could not believe the  very negative statements posted  on the Blog site as to 
the article about  bringing   dogs in out of the heat  .  More so  since the 
Article  explained  in detail why they should be !   I guess it must have 
been overlooked by the reader making the remarks.  So,  Stated once again ,  
Dogs do Not Sweat as we humans do to cool themselves.  Ask any 
Vet in the area and they will tell you the same.  I noted Dr. Johnson / McGee
has a sign  saying " The heat can kill your animal. "    Thank You !   Any one 
owning  a dog should be aware  of that  fact . 

I hope this resolves the issue , knowing it is Wicomico County Law .


Anonymous said...

I bet Fake Jake isn't tweeting this or posting it on FB!!

Breaking News

Thursday, 8-22-2019

Salisbury Police are investigating a robbery that took place at the PNC Bank at 1810 North Salisbury Boulevard Thursday morning.

Officials have confirmed that the incident happened at around 9:15 a.m., and that no one was injured.

The suspect is still at large, but that there is no threat to the public at this time.

Jake Day, is crime really down in da 'Bury??

Jake Day, are we really safe living and working in da 'Bury??

Anonymous said...

Does Somerset Co have similar laws? Dogs want to know!

Anonymous said...

Just another law which doesn't get enforced , who gonna enforce the laws people , They can make all the laws they want ,enforcement is the problem.
Think of some laws : drink and drive , open container , driving over center line , turn signal etc. Red Hill lane in Nanticoke next to Roaring point park , dogs running loose horses without shelter from heat or cold , no water or food , been reported to the sheriff many times along with human society. Nothing will be done , move on.

Anonymous said...

The county council stops any real enforcement of animal welfare laws or wont enact laws beneficial to animal welfare. The animal control people are a joke. They do nothing...hoping the new Humane Society Director does a better job than the previous ones

Anonymous said...

We understand that government wants to regulate and tax/fine everything. Their stupidity does not transcend common sense though. There are literally hundreds of thousands of deer that don't have air conditioning in the woods. There are literally millions of coons, possums, and foxes that don't have air conditioning in their burrows and trees. There are billions of insects and arachnids that don't have air conditioning in their homes. There are billions of birds that don't sweat either - just like the rest of these animals. Yet ALL OF THESE EXAMPLES survive summer in and summer out. So get out of my face with your pretentious bull.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time anybody bought a county or city dog license?

Anonymous said...

I guess it all depends on how much you love your pets and don't want them to suffer.

Anonymous said...

August 22, 2019 at 2:01 PM - Hey Jackass. They can all seek shelter and cool water because they can roam freely.

But your lawn ornament dog tied on a 10 foot chain weighting 100 pounds with no shelter or water can't and apparently we need to tell you jackasses that. That plastic oven you call a dog house isn't good enough

My neighbor's dog used to dig a hole to get out of the sun.


Anonymous said...

Why are they not enforcing laws dealing with Pet Stores. That is more of animal abuse than someone that has accommodations for an outdoor animal. Is this because they don't make businesses to comply? Indoor at 80% is very unhealthy for animals. Dirty fish aquariums are unhealthy to fish. Dirty cages are unhealthy. Must I go on? Why is it they are never inspected or check records of the animals visit to vets etc?

Anonymous said...

There's no excuse for leaving a dog unsheltered in weather that you wouldn't tolerate for just as long.

Anonymous said...

2:01, Thank you.I totally agree. When I'm not home my wife has the dog
in the house with her. And when it's really hot the dog wants to be outside.(We don't use AC) And if I'm home, the dog wants to be outside
or in the garage with me. Have a big fenced in yard and there is always
shade in some part of the yard. If someone has their dog chained up in the middle of the yard,blazing hot sun and no shade,they should be
arrested. What about cats? Do people with cats have to bring them in
if it's over 90?

Anonymous said...

The Laws of the County are just for Dogs. It would
be nice if the laws were stricter for cats as sooo many
roam with no owner and can be carriers of disease.

I can't imagine anyone owning a pet dog to want it out in the extreme heat/ humidity we've had anyway. Now that
you know from this article, Dogs can't sweat to cool
themselves should explain why they are saying to
bring them inside. As for the person who has no a/c,
you need to give up your animal. It's
not fair to keep them in that environment. At least you
can sweat to cool down, they CANNOT and fans don't help them.

The Enforcement of the County Laws is to be questioned,
but keep pressing the issue with Animal Control to see if
they have picked up the animal. Keep watch on the animal
you've reported to see if it's been picked up.

The person that wrote about the Horse Farm incident is
correct. The Sheriff Dept . had been notified numerous
times and IF animals are in dire need of rescue, they do
by Law , have the right to remove them from the property.
Guess it was to much of a problem for their Fat Asses and
finally went in when they got so much pressure from the media!
Thank You to Our Local TV Stations for " keeping on it!"
People should never forget this as it tells you something
about those who are to protect .

The Puppy Mill case here was another Prime Example of Total
Neglect by the then Humane Society Director who stated that
he had been there , after a gentleman reported them , and the owners were in compliance with the Law. David Fitzgearld was
the then directors name and Would You Believe , he is now working in a higher position with Wicomico County. What a disgrace he is to the human race! He should have been put in a steel bldg., in a cage with no ventilation, as the animals were and left to die as some of them had !

Keep up the pressure if you report to Animal Control, notes of what you do and If nothing happens, now that we KNOW it's Law
outside , Kick Ass and Call the News media in and get it put on
Joes site. Seems our local Newspapers don't have the nerve to
print much of the truths going on in this town anymore. Wonder
Why ?

Anonymous said...

1:05, What pills are you one?
This article was about Dog Laws
in Wicomico County, not a Bank Robbery.

Anonymous said...

2:01. You are soooo ignorant. The “pets” are constrained/restrained. They are not free to find shelter or a cooler place. They are effectively in jail. They have no choice. So, it’s up to their owners, controllers to provide for them. Let’s put you on a chain and let you get a taste of it.

Anonymous said...

Even worse " on a chain " when you can't
sweat to cool yourself like dogs can't !

I declare there must be some people on this
blog that can't read the information stated
as to how dogs cool themselves and CAN"T when
the temps are very Hot and Humidity is high.

I don't know how much clearer that can be !

Anonymous said...

1:20 I know it's most difficult to get anything
done for animal protection . But , please do not
give up. Look up the State, County , Laws to find
out exactly what can or can't be done .
I know for fact that Animal Control has the right
to take a dog if it is in dire need , or danger granted by
the Law. U have to get the PUBLICS Attention of situations
and neglect by those who are to protect IF they are not
doing their jobs, But make certain
u know the Laws first.

Anonymous said...

In respect to Knowing Laws , know that MD State Law
supersedes County! The below will show you why the
State Police Should have removed the horses in danger
and had the right to by our State Laws for Animals .
Almost a 100 times it was reported to them about the horses
breaking loose , trying to find food to eat.
Did they do anything , No, they waited till our Local New Channel flew overhead and put it out on the News for All to SEE. Then ,they rushed in like " Great Rescuers ." The entire story
WAS sickening to think animals are starving like
they were !

Section 133-9 Care of Mistreated Animals.

A. Court-Ordered Removal. If an owner or custodian of an animal is convicted of an act of animal cruelty, the court may order the removal of the animal or any other animal at the time of conviction for the protection of the animal.

*B. Seizure. An officer or authorized agent of a humane society, or police officer or other public official required to protect animals may seize an animal if necessary to protect the animal from cruelty.

C. Impounded Animal. If an animal is impounded, yarded, or confined without necessary food, water or proper attention, is subject to cruelty, or is neglected, an officer or authorized agent of a humane society, a police officer, another public official required to protect animals, or any invited and accompanying veterinarian licensed in the state, may.

(1) Enter the place where the animal is located and supply the animal with necessary food, water, and attention; or

(2) Remove the animal if removal is necessary for the health of the animal.
A person who enters a place under this section is not liable because of the entry

Again, A PERSON , INCLUDING THE STATE POLICE ARE NOT LIABLE BECAUSE OF ENTRY. That concludes by thoughts on the matter and
so much for the Police who got the constant calls .