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Friday, July 05, 2019

‘Worst Kind Of Hypocrisy’: GOP Senator, Liberal Paper Hammer Nike For Chinese Partnerships

A Republican senator and the editorial board of a liberal newspaper both took Nike to task Wednesday for its Chinese partnerships.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley accused Nike of “the worst kind of hypocrisy” for its Chinese dealings in light of the company’s decision to pull an American flag-themed shoe line following criticism from former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“You would think that this would be something to celebrate — the ‘Betsy Ross’ flag, I mean Betsy Ross let’s not forget, an independent businesswoman, who had her own shop in Philadelphia, who designed our nation’s first flag, who sewed our first flag, I mean she’s truly a founding mother,” Hawley said in a Fox News interview.



Anonymous said...

YET AGAIN skewing and distorting and changing the argument. Capernicks position had NOTHING to do with trade with China, nor did it have to do with who sewed the flag.

It had to do with the FLAG that represented a nation built on slave labor.

In skewing and distorting his position and point you are being dishonest.

If you have problem with free market trade with China, take that beef up with almost EVERY American company.... start with Amazon and Walmart (who by the way are DRIPPING with flag swag, most of it made in China)

I am so disgusted and frustrated about this dishonesty. This false patriotic nationalism and false outrage is nonsense. Time to end this partisan rhetoric.

This is a NON ISSUE. Get over it and lets move on to things that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think China terrible on civil rights however there is one thing they seem to be doing right and that is rounding up Muslims and putting them in internment camps. We should be doing the same.

Anonymous said...

@ July 6, 2019 at 10:56 AM

Last time I checked, our secular Constitution protected religious freedom. You know, one of the founding American principles.

What you are espousing is NOT and American principle. It's a Nazi principle.

Oh, the irony. Do you know why China is becoming a superpower, it is becoming less communist and more capitalist.

Yes, WE see the wages and working conditions there and are appalled, but to them it is pulling them out of poverty. It is dramatically improving the quality of life for them. No, their system is not perfect... but it is SO much better than years ago. Why? Capitalism and free trade. This trade has benefited Americans with lower priced products.

Yes, I agree they have a long way to come on Civil Rights... but it will continue to get better as capitalism continues to creep into their culture.

Do me a favor, quit the keyboard bravado, spend some time brushing up on civics and economics, and until you can figure out their basic concepts, don't refer to yourself as a patriot or as American. Your post was decidedly and demonstrably Un-American.