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Friday, July 05, 2019

German Swimming Pool Closes After Gang of 50 North Africans Cause Havoc

A swimming pool in the German town of Kehl had to be shut down early by police after a group of 50 North African French-speaking youths caused havoc among the bathers.

The town, which is located on the German-French border next to Strasbourg, often sees many French visitors according to the manager of the pool, but staff were forced to contact police after the dozens of youths began to cause a disturbance to other bathers, Schwarzwälder Bote reports.

The city’s press release stated that the young people had stormed the diving tower in the early evening, as well as a number of them jumping from all sides into the pool and had ignored instructions from staff.



Anonymous said...

and why did you let them in your country, pray tell...stupid, that's why!

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: And they are generally hated in every civilized country in the world. It is because their behavior does not meet standards for a civilized society and it never will.

Anonymous said...

Let the Crocs loose!

Anonymous said...

Anglia Merkel sure must be proud. I wonder how she would react if one of her grand daughters was raped by those animals she encouraged to come into Germany? I fully expect the real Germans to take some kind aggressive action against those African pieces of s#!t.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a pool near you ! That and chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium Bacteria.

Anonymous said...

That's what they get for letting them in their country.

Stand by America, you are next.