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Thursday, July 11, 2019

'Frankly, Megan, I don't give a damn'

The ladies won, and let's salute them. The TV ratings were great, and everyone is happy.

How does this translate to more people watching women play soccer in the U.S.? I hope it does, but women's pro soccer has not been good at selling tickets.

Actually, not everyone is happy. I am not happy, and lots of people I've heard from are not happy.

First, the tournament showed that international women's soccer is a total mismatch. In other words, there aren't enough good women's soccer teams in the world. The U.S. is obviously "the queen" of soccer and will only get better because our young women have more resources.



Anonymous said...

Why is it with the name Megan. First Me-gain in London who is in the news everyday on which royal terria to wear and claims to be from America and now this soccer idiot Megan who thinks kicking a ball around a field gives her the right to trash American. Insulting America in a foreign a country. Enough.

Anonymous said...

In 2019, why is there "Women's" Soccer? Shouldn't this be a gender-less sport5? Shouldn't the team have to open to include trans-genders and men who want to play on the team? If they want equal pay, they should offer equal opportunity ad not be so "ex-clusive".

Anonymous said...

To 5:05am
Because the mens teams don't let women play on them.

Anonymous said...

Soccer in general; take it or leave it; I'll mostly leave it. The running portion of the game is good exercise; head and leg injuries not so much. Kids, schools and colleges, OK.

The US women's team showed very little class or sportsmanship in running up the score against Thailand; coach bears some responsibility, too. Against the other gals Megan appears to be a better player; just her or because she has better backing on the field from teammates? Be your own judge.

But her foul mouth and 'me' persona had me rooting for France, England and Netherlands instead of the US team. The US team has had other talented but negative personalities before (see Hope Solo; aptly named).

The women's circuit is more poorly attended than the men's so consequently their is much less loot to share. In addition to that, the players have chosen very different ways to be paid. Gals chose to pay all; guys get paid when they actually play.

Between 14.2 to 15.6 million watched the final this year, down from 25 million in 2015; that's a very steep drop off and some portion of it needs to be placed on Megan's antics.

So if I never hear of her again, that will be excellent. Think her 15 minutes have about 45 seconds left.

Anonymous said...

16 year old boys beat this team! womens soccer is a joke! we don't care about them. bunch of haters who have nothing to offer society but hate!

waiting for the day the trans men take over womens soccer!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually some high school teams have allowed girls to play on the team if the school doesn’t have a girls team.

Anonymous said...

Remember when they played the boys high school team two years ago? Average age of the children was 15. They boys completely destroyed them. Women’s team did not score a single point... the load mouth enjoyed free college, multi millionaire, married a multi millionaire , owns several homes and kicks a ball for 24 games every four years and she wants more..

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Didn’t know there was a women’s soccer team. I’ll bet there are a good number of high level testosterone females in that group.

Anonymous said...

Angry hateful person. She is disgusting.