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Saturday, June 22, 2019

SHOCK VIDEO: Sacramento Police Taunted as “Cowards” while They Respond to Shooting of Young Female Officer — Crowd Heckles As Officer Lies Bleeding

The crowd heckled the officers, threatened to shoot them and called them cowards.

“Get your line! Cowards! The only people we need to be safe from is you!”

All of this was taking place on the street as a young female officer lay bleeding with gunshot wounds.
The 26-year-old officer was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
Video posted to social media apparently captures two women taunting and heckling a group of California police officers Wednesday as they responded to a shooting that left one of their colleagues dead.

Posted to Twitter by Comstock Magazine digital editor Matthew Keys, the video reportedly shows Sacramento Police officers handling a domestic dispute which escalated into an armed standoff. In it, an officer is seen shooing two women away from an area and explaining that they need to move for fear of “dirty bullets.”


Mistress Claudia Balzac said...

I honestly don’t know why polos officers are even assigned to work in certain areas anymore.

Anonymous said...

Who would be a cop in ANY part of California??

Anonymous said...

African American females giving orders to police , typical of their culture.
Running their mouths a mile a minute .

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Without seeing any photos or videos on this story, I have already visualizes who the perps are and I’m sure that my perception is 100% correct. This is a continual problem that is getting worse as time goes by. My two Labrador retrievers are more intelligent and demonstrate more love and compassion to me and others than these animals do. Sad state of affairs that the Marxist democrats and their conspiratorial media have riled their surrogate warriors to a point such as this. Face it folks, drastic measures will soon be required to eliminate these issues.

Anonymous said...

This all started, and then was perpetuated during the Obama administration, with the " if I had a son, he'd look like Trevon [martin] statement Obama made. He did nothing to stem the violence, and in my opinion, much of the black on blue blood lays squarely in his lap.
Our race relations became much, much worse during Obamas 2 terms.

Anonymous said...

2:27. Where did you come upon that handle?