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Saturday, June 22, 2019

OH MY! Hunter Biden Accused of Fathering Child With Arkansas Woman – While He Was Dating His Dead Brother’s Wife

A 28-year-old Arkansas woman is claiming that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden is the father of her 10-month-old child — and she’s suing to prove it.

Lunden Alexis Roberts claims Hunter Biden fathered her child while he was in a relationship with his own late brother’s wife (former sister-in-law), Hallie Biden.

You read that right. Hunter Biden began dating his brother’s widow in 2017 and they just split up a couple months ago.



Anonymous said...

Buh bye Joe

Anonymous said...

Real CLASSY family. NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares.

Anonymous said...

I DO!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the old Joe I respected and was so proud of being from the Eastern Shore and someone we could all be proud of has severe cracks. Since 2016 I have seen him change what he says and what he used to claim he stood for either he has a severe case of Alzheimers or he isn't at all that person we once admired. I sure wouldn't want him for President. He is just like Obama a real disappointment I voted for him twice and am real sorry now I did. The way he bashes Trump over his taxes but Obama himself has still never even cleared up his birth certificate. It is a freak show to think our President may have never even been an American how could it have happened in this day and age?