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Thursday, May 16, 2019

MSP: APRIL 2019 DUI Arrests at Salisbury Barrack "E"

The following subject were arrested for DUI related offenses in April by MSP Troopers of the Salisbury Barrack:

Reginald Eugene Cornish 56yoa Salisbury, MD

Marcus L. Marshall 47yoa Salisbury, MD

Matthew C. Guldan 30yoa Salisbury, MD

Latoya Y. Bailey 33yoa Salisbury

Brian Joseph Bracken 65yoa Salisbury, MD

David Allen Chandler 45yoa Hebron, MD

Jasmine S. Tucker 29yoa Salisbury, MD

Tu Anh Hoang 35yoa Salisbury, MD

Eduardo Dolacruz Ramos 26yoa Salisbury, MD

Paulo Moises DeOliveira 32yoa Delmar, MD

Pablo Guadolupe Linares 48yoa Salisbury, MD

Richard W. Huntington 37yoa unk.

Terkesha Shanta Fisher 44yoa Salisbury, MD

Mark Henderson Hammond 48yoa unk.

Deborah Ruth Geissler 58yoa Delmar, MD

Angel Miguel Valderas 26yoa Quantico, MD

Jose David Francisco Mateo 33yoa Salisbury, MD

Sherron Oblee Williams 40yoa Salisbury, MD

Constance Amy Raynora Mack unk. Milford, DE

Robert Jose Strang Mayo 25yoa Berlin, MD

Paul Everette Duthoy 33yoa Baltimore, MD

Teanna Tasha Turner 39yoa Fruitland, MD

Justin Archer Campbell 32yoa Delmar, MD

Alan Adale Herdy Sr. 58yoa Salisbury, MD

Carl Ryan White 29yoa Salisbury, MD

Michael J. Petrizzo 25yoa Salisbury, MD

Casey Michael Thrush 26yoa Easton, MD


Anonymous said...

So how many people do not get caught? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Trooper Monk on the J-O-B

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until monk gets whacked with a DWI. .

Unknown said...

How many are illegals?

Anonymous said...

A lot of these folks were probably illegals and didn't even have license.

Anonymous said...

so this is how one gets a promotion with MSP!

Anonymous said...

Or insurance and probably on "borrowed" tags.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I get the impression Trooper Monk ain't too well liked.

Anonymous said...

Any officer who gets a drunk off the road is doing all citizens a huge favor. He or she may have saved your life it the drunk was not stopped. These officers are to be commended for making our communities a safer place.

Anonymous said...

Not too many local names here. Must be all those liberal fareigners drinking to tolerate us Shore folk.

Anonymous said...

But it’s ok for them to drink and drive.

Anonymous said...