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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mitch Daniels denounces State of the Union as 'tasteless, classless spectacle'

Former Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said he wants the pageantry of the State of the Union address to be once again reduced to a written letter to Congress.

The modern State of the Union, delivered in a prime-time speech and widely televised, is a "tasteless, classless spectacle," the George W. Bush-era White House budget director wrote in aWashington Post opinion piece published Sunday.

"Effusive, cued applause, camera-conscious backslapping, stony-faced growls of disapproval and eventually even catcalls from America’s lawmakers have drained what little was left of a serious tutorial about national challenges and priorities. What remains: a tired, farcical theatrical experience more likely to promote cynicism than citizenship in its viewers," Daniels wrote.



Anonymous said...

I agree.

Steve said...

He's just afraid of hearing Trump telling us the truth. I say, "Let 'er rip, 'tater chip"!

Anonymous said...

That's right

Anonymous said...

He's right.

The name should be changed. It is no longer about "The State of Union" anymore is it?

We need to do better, I feel like we slip closer to "Idiocracy" every day.

Anonymous said...

It all changed when Obama gave his first SOTU. It was a circus which Obama casted and directed. It won't be like that with Trump. He will tell it like it is and Pelsoi sitting behind him can squirm and bite her lip and row her eyes. Pop the popcorn. Enjoy our great President. Mr Trump.