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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Five Reasons to Celebrate Western Civilization, the Culture That Revolutionized Art, Abolished Slavery, and Founded Science, Making Life Better for Everyone

Some cultures are superior to others. Would you rather live in a civilization that takes care of widows or burns them to death? Would you rather live in a culture that believes women are equal to men, or in a society that believes females areintrinsically inferior and can be bought, sold, and have horrible procedures inflicted on them (female genital mutilation)?

Some cultures have a framework of just laws with the presumption of innocence for the accused and the basic right to a trial by a jury of peers. Other cultures like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, and Iran have barbaric judicial systemsand often just make up the rules as they go along, in order to further the agenda of the regime.

Western civilization, that is the distinct culture that grew up in Europe and has evolved over the past 2,500 years or so, has gotten quite a bad rap lately. Supposedly "Western Civ" is the source of homophobia, racism, sexism, "income inequality," and the destruction of the planet. I contend, however, that Western Civilization has been, and still is today (even with all its faults) THE driving force for liberty, creativity, and prosperity.


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lmclain said...

Come on, man.

Everyone knows the muslims invented math, science, and every machine to have existed and benefited mankind.
AND, they generously gifted it all to the world.
Without their magnanimity, we would all still be eating raw meat and fighting the elements for our lives.

Think about all the wonderful things muslims have done for the world.

I need a moment. I think I might cry in appreciation for everything they've done for the world.