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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional

A judge has ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional, putting the future of the federal healthcare law in jeopardy.

The decision came Friday, just a day ahead of when open enrollment for Obamacare's marketplaces are set to close across most of the U.S.

The case, which was argued Sept. 5, is likely to face an appeal. The decision was issued by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in the Northern District of Texas, an appointee of former President George W. Bush.

Texas v. Azar was filed by 20 Republican state officials, who have asked that all of Obamacare be thrown out as a consequence of the new tax law, which zeroed out a penalty on the uninsured. The officials argued that the fine was central to making the rest of the law work, and that without it, the rest should crumble.

O'Connor appeared to sympathize with this argument in his opinion.

The Department of Justice joined the lawsuit but asked specifically that the rules on pre-existing illnesses be struck down. These rules prohibit health insurance companies from turning away sick customers, from charging them more for their illness, or from refusing to cover medical services associated with managing their condition.

Justice Department attorney Brett Schumate had asked that any changes to Obamacare by the court be delayed until 2020 given that the rates for next year are already set.



Anonymous said...

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Just take it to the Supreme court and save the taxpayers all the appeal money. This ruling will not change a thing, nor will any other rulings until it reaches the Supreme court. And If they (Supreme Court) knock it down, you will have Universal health care. Medicare for 55 and older and medicaid for younger. It would be the primary issue in the next election. And the country is at a point where we are fed up and will support it overwelmingly.. Democrats played the Republicans perfectly.
Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. And some you did not want.

Anonymous said...

Since Democrats ran on healthcare now they have their work cut out for them and there's no time for the Trump nonsense.

Anonymous said...

1221 - $22 TRILLION in debt. Where does the money come from for universal HC? Just keep printing money??? Outta the sky????