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Thursday, November 01, 2018

The Trump Administration's Extraordinary Midterm Record

This election is a referendum on Demo voters' IQ and the MSM's choke-hold on their opinion.
Donald Trump’s now famous 2016 “Make America Great Again” promise was, and remains, much more than a campaign slogan. Even The New York Times conceded after President Trump’s first year in office, “A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation — and may finally raise wages significantly.”

That optimism, economic expansion, and job and wage growth have accelerated in the nine months since his first inaugural address — “Our New American Moment.” The indisputable results of Trump’s domestic policy successes, combined with his administration’s considerable foreign policy achievements, have ensured that all Americans are better off today than we were two years ago.

But those stuck in Democrat echo chambers and afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome are so clinically depressed that they believe this to be the most miserable era in our nation’s history.

In the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt famously declared in his first inaugural address, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. … We face the arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of the national unity.”

But today’s Democrat Party “leaders,” in their insatiable and increasingly irrational quest to recover power, have nothing to offer their constituents but fear and disunity.

This midterm election has, as President Trump has repeatedly framed it, become a contest between jobs and mobs.

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Anonymous said...

1/2 the Country though still has Obama phones, and EBT cards

they will vote for freebie politicians