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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Guatemalan Official: Caravan Used Babies, Women, Elderly As 'Human Shields'

Guatemalan security forces were not able to hold back the thousands of people, many from Honduras, who broke through a chain-link fence into Mexico earlier this month.

Videos posted online show the moment when the border was breached and members of the "caravan" – the first of two -- dashed into Mexico, on their way to the United States.

Why couldn't Guatemalan security forces hold them back? Fox News's Laura Ingraham asked Mario Duarte, the Guatemalan Secretary of Strategic Intelligence, on Tuesday night:

"We tried very hard, as you could have seen in the videos," Duarte responded. “The issue is that these people put babies, women and the elderly at the front, almost like human shields, so when they started pressing them against our security personnel we had to do all our best to protect their lives, to protect their human rights and protect their dignity as well," Duarate said.



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