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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Report: Trump Drops Safeguards Against Chinese Technology Theft

The U.S. ambassador to China has temporarily blocked a proposal by White House aide Stephen Miller to “make it impossible” for Chinese citizens to study in the United States, according to the Financial Times.

The report, which includes a description of the meeting where President Donald Trump sided with Ambassador Terry Branstad, also warns that Trump may develop alternative reforms amid the growing worries about the Chinese government’s determined theft of U.S. commercial secrets and scientific discoveries.

The theft is greatly helped by many American executives and laboratory directors who cut their payroll costs by sidelining Americans graduates while hiring cheap Chinese software programmers, scientists and laboratory technicians.

According to the report by the Financial Times:

As the administration debated ways to tackle Chinese espionage, Stephen Miller, a White House aide who has been pivotal in developing the administration’s hardline immigration policies, pushed the president and other officials to make it impossible for Chinese citizens to study in the US, according to three people familiar with internal discussions.

The report, likely leaked by Branstad or his aides, continued:

According to the three people familiar with the discussions, ahead of the Oval Office meeting Mr Branstad argued that Mr Miller’s plan would take a much bigger toll on smaller colleges, including in Iowa, than on wealthy Ivy League universities.

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['Follow the Money'.. Chinese students pay FULL tuition at American universities. --Editor]

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