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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

High School Student “in His 20s” Arrested for Raping Teacher - Sweden

A female teacher was reportedly raped in a Swedish high school by student of at least 20 years of age, according to local media.

The incident occurred last Friday in a school located in Nässjö, after the teacher was “pushed” into a room on the school’s premises, according to Aftonbladet.

“I got information about it on Saturday morning,” said a school official. “We have had continuous contact with the person all weekend.”

The victim filed a report Monday and since then a number of investigative measures have been set in motion, including the student’s suspension.

However, the police report was short on facts beyond the perp’s age.



Anonymous said...

What did they expect by allowing these evil demons in there country

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Anonymous said...

Odds are the attacker wasn't born in Sweden. The Scandinavians are reaping a bitter harvest after opening their doors to savages.

Anonymous said...

Hang the Muslim.

Anonymous said...


lmclain said...

Twenty bucks says his name is Mohammed something or other....
No Scandinavian kid is still in high school at 20 years old.
How is the kind and loving, generous diversity working out for ya???
Pretty much the same way its's working out in the rest of Europe.
Which is not good.
Their own governments are suppressing information and news about the frightening rise in civil crime.
Reporters can go to jail for reporting ethnic details. Newspapers can be "sanctioned".
Europe just called -- they want their societies back.
Their "leaders" took the call and said F you.
"Leaders" are apparently the same all over.

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

So true, truth is no longer allowed!