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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

South Africa Civil War Looms As White Farmers, 'Black Hitler' "Willing To Die" Over Property Confiscation

As South African President Ramaphosa's 'land reform' plans begin to confiscate white farmer-owned lands with no compensation, the rhetoric on both sides of the policy are beginning to signal little hope of avoiding direct inter-racial conflict, or another civil war.

Ramaphosa insists:

“This is no land grab. Nor is it an assault on the private ownership of property... Land reform in South Africa is amoral, social and economic imperative.

“By bringing more land into productive use, by giving more South Africans assets and opportunities, the country is creating conditions for greater, more inclusive and more meaningful growth”

But a number of black South Africans appear to see things a little differently to their president: “Let us kill the white man, the white man must die”



Anonymous said...

Is this what Chicago is going to become with Rahm doing nothing to stop the violence there?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we beat down and all but extinguished the native peoples here. Now we just have to deal with liberated descendants of slaves and all the third world trash we embrace.