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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Nadia's Story


Anonymous said...

I dunno.

When she got a shoebox with a barbie doll in it was the first moment she felt God's true presence?

Look, its a great mission but seems a bit insulting to God, that the only time you feel his presence is when you receive material stuff .

Anonymous said...

Oh for heavens sake, she was only 9 years old. The box opened her eyes to a miracle from God. Sometimes a lot of people never know God until they are about to draw their last breath. And if you call on Him, even at that last breath , He will be with you.

lmclain said...

You don't believe in anything but yourself, so you would never understand.
You have eyes but don't see, and ears that hear but don't listen.
How would you have ANY idea what would be "insulting to God"?
What insults God is having placed a buffet of miracles before us (over 200 parameters have been identified for life to exist here. Remove any ONE of them and life. Yet we are to believe it all worked itself out just perfectly??? THAT is truly unbelievable) and people STILL think it is all the result of a Big Bang and some molecules finding a way to copy themselves and create a "life force".
Uh huh.
You are likely just jealous that she got he doll and you didn't.
You know what I'm sayin'....and it's not under "anonymous" either.

Anonymous said...

1:39 PM if you read the bible you would know what is insulting to God.

I do not need material things to believe, see or have faith. I am not jealous of anyone that has more material things than I. I have no need for them. It is not a focus of my life.

I am amused by your uneducated analysis of me. You've not a clue but feel superior enough to feel the need to label me. You are better than that. Shame.

lmclain said...

I didn't comment on your need for material things. I also didn't say anything about your focus in life.
I merely ridiculed your ridicule of someone's statement of faith and your shallow interpretation of it. And reminded the atheist in you that YOUR beliefs have some large leaps of faith, pardon the expression, too.
I also threw in an insult about your gender identity. You let that
Anonymously, of course.

Anonymous said...

Just another 600+ million $$ charity begging for more.

Anonymous said...

3:56 PM actually you did make comment on material things by stating the person was jealous they didn't get the doll. You are losing your battle here and obviously back peddling.

And I fail to understand what gender has to do with any of this.

10:10 AM made a valid comment about the flyer and back story being used to solicit funds in the name of God. The presence of God is spiritual not materialistic.

I finally won the lottery so now I believe in God? It wasn't until he gave me something did I believe. Faith is blind and not materialistic.

You usually have good posts but you come across petty in this one. Devaluing others opinion that don't suit you is ignorant as are insults and name calling.

We will all vote that you win just so you will go away and stop trying to control what everyone says. Your tone is much more insulting than 10:10's.

Even good christians are aware of religious money groveling and the use of tear jerking story lines to elicit an open wallet.

Anonymous said...

3:56 PM you are such a tool. Always has been, always will be.

lmclain said...

Ask your momma about my tools.
Anonymous? You get no respect from me.

You want to speak like a man but hide like a sissy girl.

I'd say "be a man" but it seems you've made other choices, anonymous.

keep cheering, boys.