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Thursday, August 09, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Downtown Salisbury Maryland Construction

Do you have any news when Main Street in Salisbury Maryland is going to be done because it’s going on 3 years since started and it’s not finished yet.

Publishers Notes, Just look at the chart on our home page in the top right hand corner. Remember Folks, this has been up for several months according to Mayor Jake Day's official countdown. By the way, this is the second request I had in one day referencing this matter.


Anonymous said...

How many more things can baby Jake fail at?

Anonymous said...

I'm praying this moron still plans on doing the roundabout at Riverside and mill so we can add that to his list of screw ups. We need to put together a list of all projects starting date/costs and all the property he's given away to friends at Rock bottom price and send our concerns to his commanding officer. I think maybe Jake's derelict and lack of concern for the citizens of salibury might raise some eyebrows. Who would want to trust their lives going into battle with this jackass

Anonymous said...

This has screwed some many of the businesses down town as if it were not bad already. Jake did not plan this out well at all. Sorry I am glad to be getting out of here.

Anonymous said...

Good thing he's got all of that expertise from his college decade in urban planning! Otherwise plans might not have gone as silky smooth as they have! In reality, cruel joke especially to those trying to scrape a living in areas of the 'bury impacted by his visionary gaze.

Anonymous said...

Those who comment on here, I hope are smart enough to realize there are other entrances to these businesses right????? DUH