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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

7 Aspects of Life That Were Better Forty Years Ago, Like Education, Work Ethic, and No Political Correctness

Before you start calling me a crotchety old codger, I am going to follow up this article with another one listing seven things that are better now than they were all those years ago. I've been thinking for some time about how my world has changed so dramatically. I have many fond memories of the place where I grew up (Savannah, Georgia), and here is my take on how life was better (in some ways) when I was kid ... way back then.

1. Kids played outside

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Anonymous said...

I was born 44 years ago... and this article is pretty lame.

Sounds like it could be summed up with "Life isn't like Television pretended it was like when I watched it in the 60's and 70's".

I've got some news for you... that time was filled with racial and political tensions, it wasn't all "Leave it to Beaver" and "Flipper". Who had air conditioning? Cell phones? Cable TV? GPS? Computers? No... it was not a better time.

1) Kids STILL play outside. All the time. There is nothing preventing them from doing so, and actually, what a glorious time to be alive that kids have so many options on what to play or do. There are more sports, rec leagues, church leagues for games and sports AND there are video games. Imagine that. BETTER than 40 years ago.

2) Education was not better. Kids have access to more resources than ever before. In every school you have computers that in an instant have access to the whole of human understanding and knowledge... heck most kids have that in their pocket with a cell phone.

... AAANNNDDDD political correctness is NOT prohibiting a religion to be forced upon you. Force feeding your religion upon other peoples children without their permission is not just rude, it's reprehensible.... and *newsflash* anyone can still pray in school, any time they want to. You just can't force compulsory participation.

3) Yep. You get this one. Health was better... not as much discretionary income spent on garbage food... but then again, what an amazing time to be alive that this is even an option. It's not evidence that times are worse... it's evidence that there has never been a greater time to be alive in all of human history!

4) Sports were also not a giant money making industry, players weren't TV stars with a platform and payed gazillions of dollars. They were expendable, so if they used their voice, they'd be canned. There are more games, more sports, more ways to view them, more access to local events... in every way being involved in sports is better than ever before. What an amazing time to be alive!

5) People did not dress better. EVERY generation ever complains about the younger generations fashions. I guarantee the authors parents felt the same about that generation. Get over it.

6) People did not have a better work ethic. Many people today have to work more than one job to make ends meet. Both men AND women have to enter the workforce to pay the bills, the days of the stay at home spouse are financially not feasible.

The fact is younger people have more information at their fingertips. When an employer is going to treat you poorly, and pay you 2 shiney pennies plus an oreo cookie at the end of your shift... while that employer is driving a luxury vehicle and off to his beach house.. there is little reason for loyalty. When they find better opportunity... they leave, loyalty hasn't been earned. The problem isn't young people, it's greedy business owners who can't see reality and aren't keeping up with the market to remain competitive. Employers used to pay better wages, less hours, pensions. The market is not what it was 40 years ago, and the labor force is responding in kind.

7) More distractions? You mean the world we live in now has so many options and choices on what to do? This is not bad... what an amazing wonderful time to be alive! May be the problem is your ability to focus and manage stimulus.. not the fact that the world is amazing now.

Point being, now is the most amazing time to be alive, better than any other point in human history. Nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement... but I for one am thankful to be alive now!