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Monday, July 02, 2018

Trump says liberals confronting officials in public better 'take it easy'

President Trump said liberals who increasingly are confronting administration officials in public “better just take it easy.”

In an interview Sunday with Fox News, Maria Bartiromo asked the president how he can help to reduce the hostile political rhetoric and confrontations in the U.S.

“Some of them do it for publicity, I hate to say it,” he said of the left.

“I hope the other side realizes that they’d better just take it easy. Because some of the language used, some of the words, even some the radical ideas, I really think they’re bad for the country. I think they’re actually very dangerous for the country.”



Anonymous said...

MD min wage went up today too $10.10

Anonymous said...

No doubt that confrontation by Liberal politicians and their followers will get the attention of the Liberal MSM.

Anonymous said...

1000 more kiosks on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

Those Liberal in Wicomico County are the "Progressive Caucus" and they tried confronting counter protesters yesterday in Wicomico County and a "Reverend" got arrested for trying to physically attack a Trump supporter. Thank God a Worcester County Deputy intervened and arrested the most "Reverend" John Wright of some fake church in Salisbury that Susan Parker's son attends.

ANTIFA Wicomico members were at the Worcester County Jail yesterday protesting ICE. The Reverend John Wright got arrested for trying to attack a counter-protester. Some Christian he is. NOT!

ANTIFA Wicomico hates cops.

ANTIFA Wicomico Progressives hate cops.

ANTIFA Wicomico Progressives hate ICE who are cops.

ANTIFA Wicomico Progressives hate Blue Lives Matters.

ANTIFA Wicomico Progressives celebrates the killing of cops.

ANTIFA Wicomico Progressives hate white men.

ANTIFA Wicomico includes Jamaad Gould, James Yamakawa, Amber Green, Jake Day, Jake Burdett, Jared Schablein, Earle Hatton, Rev. John Wright, Michele Gregory, Michael Feldman, Josh Hastings, Dan O'Hare and quite a few others. These are the ones that are dangerous because they are trying to take over county politics.

Some of these idiots are running for office and no matter what your party is, Democrat or Republican, you would be foolish to vote for them. Although they are on the ticket as Democrats, they don't identify as Democrats, they identify are Progressives and they are talking about bringing civil war to the streets.

ANTIFA Wicomico are Progressives NOT Democrats.

The Progressives currently on the ballot for Wicomico County are:
Ben Jealous - Governor
Dan O'Hare - 37B House of Delegates
Sheree Sample-Huges - 37A House of Delegates
Carl Anderton, Jr. - 38B House of Delegates(Because of his love affair with Progressives)
Jack Heath - County Executive. True Progressive, supported by Progressives
Jamaad Gould - County Council at Large
William R. McCain - County Council at Large
Alexander W. Scott - County Council, District 2
Michele Gregory - County Council, District 3
Josh Hastings - County Council District 4
W. Seth Mitchell - States Attorney
These Democrat candidates on your ballot are not Democrats, they are members of the radical Lower Shore Progressive Caucus and they are trying to take over your Party. They are Dangerous and radical. If they were true Democrats then why did they start their own Progressive Party? Don't be a fool, do not vote for them!

Do not vote for the Progressive Party!!