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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Facing Criminal Charges and Sex Scandal, Missouri Gov. Greitens Resigns. Meet His Replacement.

Five months after a sex and blackmail scandal broke, Gov. Eric Greitens will resign facing potential criminal charges. His replacement, a conservative with good lawmaker relations, is likely to achieve what Greitens could not.

Missouri is switching governors. It would be difficult to find a replacement as different from outgoing Gov. Eric Greitens as Mike Parson, the state's lieutenant governor.

Parson is a much more conventional politician than Greitens, a former Navy SEAL who had never held an elected position before and announced his resignation on Tuesday, five months after news broke about a sex and blackmail scandal.

Greitens faced possible impeachment. He left office as part of a plea deal to get criminal charges of illegally obtaining a campaign donor list dismissed, according to the St. Louis prosecutor's office. Earlier on Tuesday, a judge ruled that Greitens and his allies have to comply with a Missouri House subpoena regarding his dark money campaign groups. He could also still be charged with an invasion-of-privacy felony in connection with his extramarital affair.

Greitens was a brash and combative political outsider. His manner of attacking legislators, including fellow Republicans, left him without political cover once he was embroiled in scandal.

Parson, on the other hand, has long been a familiar presence at the Capitol, having served in both legislative chambers.


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Anonymous said...

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This guy had an awesome political future ahead of him and blew it on some damn slut. America breeds a culture of promiscuity and then everyone wonders what happens when they get caught. Rated are movies and now rated x movies. Everything on television including Disney is all about sex. High schools teach 3 for Free condoms instead of abstention. This is a sick society we live in all because of the liberal Democrats.