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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Amazon Bars Christian Group From Charity Program Because Southern Poverty Law Center Says So

Amazon has barred prominent Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom from participating in its Amazon Smile charitable program, which allows nonprofits to recoup a small fraction of the money their supporters spend through Amazon.

Alliance Defending Freedom, which specializes in First Amendment law and has won cases at the U.S. Supreme Court, is barred from Amazon Smile on account of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, which labeled Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate group.”



Anonymous said...

Go on the SPLC's site and make a positive, complimentary comment on one of their stories.

They will BAN you from ever commenting there again!

They ARE a hate group!

Anonymous said...

The "Alliance Defending Freedom" is a lie, right in its name.

It's goal is to legitimize the persecution and demonization of a legally protected class of people. They want to make it OK to discriminate and belittle and persecute gays, and deny gays their rights and freedoms, because they think, contrary to what other Christians say, that their holy book says that gays are "yucky".

I don't see how they are any different from the KKK, or any hate group, really.

Newsflash: If your holy book says don't be gay, then YOU get to exercise YOUR religious freedom and not be gay, and don't get gay married. That's it, and the end of it. You DO NOT get to impose that religious view on others in an attempt to persecute or discriminate against them. That is NOT freedom, that is NOT exercising religious liberty, that is oppression and tyranny.

You know what is also NOT an argument? Pointing at other organizations and saying "well, they do bad stuff... so these guys who do bad stuff should get to keep doing their bad stuff". NOT. AN. ARGUMENT. It is a reason to also say "HEY, those guys there should also not be included because they are equally detestable to these folks who were rightfully un-included". THAT is a proper argument, and is at least honest and consistent.