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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Conservative Millennial Explains Why Trump's Policies Are Better for Black Americans

Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens spoke to The Daily Signal’s Rob Bluey about why conservative policies are better for the African-American community. Owens appeared at the White House’s Generation Next forum for millennials Thursday. An edited transcript of her Daily Signal interview is below.

Rob Bluey: How did you become a conservative?

Candace Owens: I think for most people, watching Donald Trump run in 2016, something had to wake up inside of you. This is a man who was celebrated by the media. They could not get enough of Trump. You’re listening to rap and hip-hop music, they glorified him. Everyone wanted to end up at Mar-a-Lago. They said they were acting like Trump.

And then the second he won, he became a racist instantly. In that moment, I understood that racism was being used as a theme and a mechanism to control black Americans, and that the black community needed new leaders to sort of see them through that complete lie.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say he became a racist instantly. I'd say that notion came from the racist conservatives that followed him so enthusiastically. And before your guilty conscience kicks in, we know all conservatives are not racists. Just the racist ones :)

Anonymous said...

You put food in a dog's bowl and then he growls at you when you get near it.

Anonymous said...

3:41 Clinton and the democrat party are the ONLY racists. It's the democrats who have herded up so many black and corralled them in the cesspools of crime and poverty called the ghetto. It was Wikileaks who leaked the Clinton campaign memos where it was said Clinton didn't "feel comfortable" meeting with blacks and called them "lazy losers. It was Clinton who called prominent KKK member Byrd her "mentor." It was Clinton who called blacks "super predators."
Shall I continue. And just for the record ALL democrats are racist. They have so bastardized the definition that most don't realize and a vote for a democrat is a vote really for the KKK and the Nazi party. And that is a fact!