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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Confident Pelosi: Dems Ready to Push Amnesty, Gun Control ‘When We Win’ in Nov

A confident House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted on Tuesday that Democrats will take back the House and immediately push for amnesty for so-called Dreamers and more gun-control legislation.

“When we win and we take over in January, some of the issues that will come up soon are some of the issues that we are asking the Speaker to do right now,” she said at a Georgetown University event.

Pelosi then said Democrats are set to push “gun-violence legislation and background-checks legislation” in addition to “legislation on the Dreamers.”

“Certainly that will be among the things we will do right away,” she continued.



Anonymous said...

And she is right, they will push for gun control when they win!!! Notice I didn't say if, I said when!!! Between voter fraud and the stupid lazy people of america, they will win and then it is all over folks...

This is the last stand, and once trump is gone to, it is the nail ion the coffin...

Anonymous said... Lost the election already with those statememts

Anonymous said...

Well it is their "turn" you know?

The pendulum of American Politics is allowed to swing back and forth, right and left, so everyone will remain asleep.
If you don't like what you have now, wait 2 years and it will reverse.
Politicians are CHOSEN not elected. The elites don't leave such things to chance you know?

To be 1, Ask 1

wink wink

Anonymous said...

Last few years for revival people.

Anonymous said...

We still have our guns.
And she's on something. Maybe medical marijuana.