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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Former Baltimore Co. Superintendent will serve 6 months for perjury

(WMAR) - Once a rising star, landing education jobs beyond his years, former Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance's years of deception over six-figure consulting fees have resulted in a six-month jail sentence.

"As the court pointed out, it's not so much at this point a matter of punishing Dr. Dance as much as it is sending that message to the community---not just school officials, but all public officials,” said Maryland State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt, “When you're in a position of trust and you abuse that trust, it is extremely harmful to the public and it just simply can't be tolerated."

Last month, Dance pleaded guilty to four counts of perjury after lying on disclosure forms about $147,000 in fees he received moonlighting on the side as a consultant.



Anonymous said...

Awesome....yet another corrupt school so very surprised the situation occurred in Baltimore....NOT!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore County, moron.

Anonymous said...

Not long enough a sentence for the crime; how about 2,000 hours of community service in a dog park as an add-on?