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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Another Store Chain Announces It Will Stop Selling Firearms

There is a strong anti-Second Amendment bias running through the veins of several American stores lately. Some, like Walmart and Dick’s, have decided age discrimination is a viable strategy to virtue signal. Others like Kroger have hoisted their flags in other ways.

So, when store chain Fred Meyer announced they were out of the firearm business as well, the kneejerk reaction by some was to assume it was virtue signaling as well.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Superstore company Fred Meyer will stop selling guns and ammunition.

The Portland, Oregon, -based chain in a statement Friday said it made the decision after evaluating customer preferences. The company sells guns at nearly 45 of its 132 stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

“Fred Meyer has made a business decision to exit the firearms category,” the company said. “We are currently working on plans to responsibly phase out sales of firearms and ammunition.”

Of course, those who remain skeptical do have a good reason. After all…

The company, a subsidiary of Cincinnati, Ohio,-based Kroger Co., didn’t give a timeline in the statement. Fred Meyer spokesman Jeffery Temple in an email to The Associated Press on Saturday said the company wasn’t offering interviews.

Interesting, no?



Anonymous said...

Its good , for small independent gun shops that is .

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, US road deaths rose six percent in 2016, to a harrowing 40,200, according to the National Safety Council. The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows injuries from distracted driving-caused crashes jumped 10 percent between 2011 and 2013. Auto deaths were on the decline until cell phones and texting came into play. That's a fact jack.
Maybe we should stop selling cell phones.

Anonymous said...

When will they stop renting Ryder vans? Same logic isn't it. What a mess we have become. If the idiot's would let our president do his job, he would do his best to protect us and them, governments number one priority. He would keep the unwanted or undeserving trash out, only to allow worthy, qualified future Americans to enter. He would like to provide a place for the insane from roaming the street with us, like it once was. Of course it won't be perfect, but sure would be better. It is as easy as rolling off a log. Let Trump be Trump.

Trump/Pence 2020!

Anonymous said...

10:23 what part of his healthcare cuts allows for this "place for the insane"?

Anonymous said...

10:13 crazy how we regulate the licensing process across the country isn't it? Almost as if you need to pass a test to drive a car. Insure it. Make sure you're accountable for it.

Anonymous said...

1023 I'm following you 100%. Unfortunately in the 21st Century, sane/logical/common sense thinking is no longer the norm.

You mention - "He would keep the unwanted or undeserving trash out, only to allow worthy, qualified future Americans to enter."

In today's society this would require a classification specialist who could identify the qualities to qualify one as "unwanted or underserving trash". Then another classifier would identify those deemed as "worthy" as well as another classifier to identify "qualified future Americans".

Why 3 classification specialists? Well for anyone who knows/familiar with "HR", no classification specialists are alike - hence the constant dislike for "HR"!!!!!!!

A wee bit HR humor always lightens the mood!

THREE DAYS UNTIL TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lmclain said... liberal, non-thinking, brainwashed goof. You THOUGHT you sounded really witty, huh?

Driving is NOT a right guaranteed to us.
"Bearing arms" IS one of those.
Quit making that stupid comparison -- it sounds really good when you say it to your other non-thinking cohorts.
To others, you're just another goof. Without a clue.
Do you also equate the need for water and the "need" to check facebook every 10 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does...Ignorance breeds ignorance.