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Monday, April 16, 2018

10 Questions Media Has Let Comey Avoid

Why has the tough media — especially mainstream media — allowed James Comey, the former FBI director, to get away with avoiding the tough questions about his inappropriate and possibly unethical conduct of the Hillary Clinton emails investigation? Comey has also been downright evasive and, in one major respect, dishonest — and yet, the mainstream media for some reason doesn’t get tough and call him at it. This applies to The New York Times in a recent summary of Comey’s responses to questions and ABC News, during its tough interview by George Stephanopoulos on ABC network scheduled for Sunday night, April 15.

Here are the 10 tough questions not asked and answered by Comey:

1. Can you cite a single top Justice Department official in either party going back as far as you want who would justify an FBI investigator, including the FBI Director, publicly revealing the results of an ongoing criminal investigation – either directly or by speaking “on background,” anonymously to the media? Do you think such comments on the record or on background by an FBI investigator is a firing offense?


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