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Monday, January 22, 2018

Ignore the Christian White Guy, and Listen To These Women About Abortion

At one of the many Planned Parenthood rallies in Portland, Maine, this one in 2015, a nurse practitioner for the organization spoke, making it clear that “a few white men” were not going to interfere with her work.

I disagree with her work. But, what do you expect. I’m a white man.

And if you really want to pile on the stereotypes, I’m a Christian.

No wonder why I’m waging a war on women (or so, the Democratic Party strategists would have you believe, and some gullible media buy into).

The March for Life is this Friday in Washington D.C., a chance for 100,000 citizens to express their belief that abortion is wrong.

I will not be there.

But my daughters will be marching. My wife hopes to join them next year.

Um, didn’t they get the memo?



Anonymous said...

I'm totally disgusted with today's liberal whites, kiberal white females who think that white Christian males are their enemy. First of all a simple thank you would be sufficient. If it weren't for us your existence wouldn't be. It DID take us and our DNA to create you yet now you feel it in your agenda to eliminate our existence. I say bring it on I'll fight you by any means necessary to defend my being and the Christian right of religion

Anonymous said...

Satan has many agents working overtime for him..we need to pray for them

Anonymous said...

Tired old debate and arguments are tired and old... on all sides.

How about this? Don't believe in abortion? Don't have one.

Simple, done.

Can we stop squabbling about this and get on to things we can actually do?

This will NEVER be solved. This will NEVER be decided. It is so divisive that it stifles actual progress by getting us hung up on a topic we will never agree on.