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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Who Is Getting Screwed The Hardest?

A very interesting chart has crossed our feed this morning via Teddy Vallee, a consumer analyst, who we pay attention to on occasion...

The first half of the chart shows the bottom 50% of Western European’s national income, which has stayed relatively the same for the past 30-years.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the bottom 50% of Americans have been royally screwed of the course of 30-years.

Corporations, Fed, and Politicians have not allowed the middle class to collect their fair share of earnings.

For that very reason, has the collapse of middle America been done on purpose?



Anonymous said...

The bottom 50% that don't pay a dime in federal taxes? The bottom 50% that demands all the handouts they don't pay for? The bottom 50% that'll buy Nike Air Jordans and be out acting like a heathen the day after Thanksgiving?

F the bottom 50%.

Anonymous said...

Imagine being so dumb that you think the entirety of the bottom 50% is made up of the 13% of the population you obviously inherently dislike. The irony is that you are probably is the same bracket as those highlighted in this article.