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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Man of the Year: Dude Who Sued Date for Texting in Theater

We are surrounded by petty rudeness in our every day lives. Folks who fail to use their blinkers on the roads. Loud-talkers in elevators subjecting us to their drab day-to-day lives. People who stand on escalators, impeding the flow of traffic.

The worst of all these petty offenders, of course, is the movie theater scofflaw. You know the sort. The girl who spends the movie on Instagram, seeing who liked her latest food pic. The guy who answers text messages throughout, oblivious to the action unfolding on the screen. The impolite hordes who don't understand that their cell phone use is the equivalent of holding up a bright flashlight in a darkened room, an action that damages the experience of literally everyone sitting behind them.

In these dark times—an age when basic manners have been jettisoned—one man had had enough.

Brandon Vezmar paid $17.31 for his date to join him at a 3D screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. And then he sued her for $17.31 when she proceeded to spend the entirety of the evening on her phone, distracting everyone around them with her piggish thoughtlessness..

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Anonymous said...

Seems like he should have figured her out BEFORE the movie.