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Monday, November 27, 2017

Alabama Conservative: Voters Will Not Be Bullied by Mitch McConnell, DC Establishment into Giving Away Our Votes

Conservative AL Today contributor Apryl Marie Fogel wrote an op-ed Monday chastising mainstream media “sleight of hand” used to “shame and bully conservative voters” into voting for liberal Democrat Doug Jones over Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

Fogel slammed outlets like the Washington Post that have conflated legal, largely platonic relations with young women with allegations of sexual assault and child molestation:

You’d think by the media coverage there were more accusers because of the sleight of hand of those doing the reporting. The other allegations are that he went out with (with their parents permission) but did not have sexual relationships with girls 16-18 or that he spent too much time at the mall.

The deceptive headlines or talking points keep coming too, reading “Another Roy Moore accuser comes forward.” Then you look at the story and it’s someone accusing him (or at least they think it was him) of looking at them funny 38 years ago.


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Anonymous said...

As Alabama is the reddest state in the Union, all the the Dems have are lies and innuendo.