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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Firefighters In Michigan Delivering Free Pizza To Folks With Working Smoke Alarms

Sure, we all put off certain household tasks like changing the battery in the smoke alarm — but what if you could score a free pizza just for keeping things in working order?

Firefighters in Flint, MI, and about an hour north in Bangor Township (Bay County) have each teamed up with their local Domino’s stores, selecting random customers to have their pizzas delivered by firetruck. notes that the promotion isn’t just about the sight of having your pie delivered on a big red fire engine; it’s also intended to promote fire safety practices. Firefighter pizza deliverers will check the smoke alarms in the houses they go to. If they’re in working order, the pizza is free.



Anonymous said...

Oh yippee, free pizza for a privacy violation. No thank you

Anonymous said...

Who is paying for it?

Anonymous said...

12:00 PM you are.

Anonymous said...

So, it has come to this, huh. People too lazy or stupid have to be bribed to save their own lives. Time to start civilization all over again.

Anonymous said...

1237 BINGO!