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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

West Wing Dems’ Plan to Keep DACA Will Increase Illegal Immigration Pull Factors

A new McClatchy report has revealed that current White House staffers including John Kelly, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are pushing the President to continue with amnesty for illegal immigrants in exchange for border wall funding as well as curbs on illegal immigration and the online ‘E-Verify’ system.

If the President accedes, this may be his ‘Merkel moment’ — reflective of the German chancellor who compromised on her nation’s borders and rule of law with her now infamous (and subsequently dropped) ‘We Can Do It’ call to let millions of migrants into Europe.

She didn’t just let them in, her policy encouraged them. One of the greatest ‘pull factors’ in Europe’s migrant crisis was the German leader’s abdication of her duties towards her nation. From failing to consult the German parliament, to claiming that a mass of economic migrants were in fact “Syrian refugees” fit for high-skilled labour, Merkel irrevocably changed the face of her nation in one fell swoop; something candidate Trump seemed to understand.

Far from being the doctors, nurses, or engineers she was claiming to open her arms to, employment and skill sets amongst recent migrants is devastatingly poor.

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Concerned Retiree said...

Trump promised the voters and that is part of his agenda. If he starts backing down because of Family he will lose re-election. No matter if they are Family are not, if they don't agree with his agenda then remove them from the WH and no longer take their advice. They are part of the swamp by going against him.

Anonymous said...


E Verify is what they really want.
That is the same as the digital mark of the BEAST represented by an evil government.