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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Divorce lawyers give relationship advice

With about half of marriages ending either in divorce or in permanent separation, the industry of divorce is perhaps one of the most booming.

But even if the probabilities aren't in favor of having a successful marriage, these three lawyers have some tips they believe could help bring that number up, or at least make things easier if you succumb to the odds and end up in their office.

James Sexton, Linda Zhou, and Val Kleyman, who together have nearly 40 years of experience as divorce lawyers, sat down with Glamour magazine to dish up some of their relationship advice.



Anonymous said...

Divorce lawyers become counselor's on the side. HA, all about the benjamins in the 21st century I guess!!

Anonymous said...

Local crisfield devorce attorney told my friend he shouldn't have cheated on his wife but the attorney ( will not mention her name) has had actual long relationships with other men and is still married. To funny.

Anonymous said...

Best advice = Don't get married and keep the Gov't out
of your relationship > saves Alot of $$$$$$$$$$

If you ever split up before (7 years) it is FREE !!!!

Anonymous said...

Advice is targeting how much money they make! Fight,fight,fight until the money's transferred into their acct!