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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Salisbury News Is Now In The Top 1% Websites In The United States

Rank in United States 

United States Flag 34,159 

Salisbury News continues to climb the charts nation wide as one of the most influential Websites in the Country. Alexa now ranks us at 34,159 out of literally BILLIONS of Websites. You have to wonder what the Boy Mayor is thinking at this very moment. 

We do NOT pay fees to companies to boost our Facebook/Blog (likes/friends) like other Blogs do. In fact, they do so poorly, they don't even have a rating on Alexa because NO ONE goes to their Websites. 

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Anonymous said...

Why is it important what anyone thinks? IMO if you got the facts to prove it, others opinions matters not.

A web-site needs to be responsible in, reporting truthful news. That is important to me and if I am in doubt I use my search engine. As far as Opinions, the web-site owns that. I do not have to agree with others opinions. Opinions do not make anyone right or wrong.

Keep soaring upward Joe by checking your sources before posting and expressing your opinion without trashing others having a different viewpoint.

Ads on web-sites is why I have ad-block. I do not go on web-sites for ads. I think pop up ads are in the same class as telemarketer phone calls. I like the way your site does ads. On the side bars, where I can do the calling if I need to,

Anonymous said...

Good job SBY News! My source for THE TRUTH! MAGA!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Joe! And thanks for creating a news site for like-minded readers. In this land of the Big Gulp serving size of MSM propaganda Koolaid, its great to sip a Dixey cup of a different flavor. The silent majority will Make This Country Great Again!

JoeAlbero said...

You should all know, I/We never intended SBYNews to become what it has. Hence the name SBYNews. I'm guessing but I'm sure it's been a good year since I ever paid attention to our Alexa numbers. I just happened to look this morning and there it was.

Look, we work very hard to deliver you the news and information we feel is important to you. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who deliver us images and inside information on a regular basis. Our contributors are obviously second to none.

I'm truly in awe.

Anonymous said...

Good things happen to Good People. Joe - you are good people!

The Boy - well, his days are of thinking are dwindling!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Joe. I don't go anywhere else but SBYnews. Thanks for the hard work to keep us informed of the truth and not feeding us fake news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joe.

I personally have enjoyed your site for several years now.
I enjoy being able to comment anonymously and believe many others do as well.
It is one of the reasons for your tremendous success.

Anonymous said...

Congrats you are the only news in Salisbury, its the facts and and up to the minute coverage as things are happening, not weeks later like WBOC.