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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Liberal Government At Work


Anonymous said...

200 million out of 60 billion is a drop in the bucket. Watch the Houston relief include $ for a wall.

Anonymous said...

No disaster relief Bill should not have pork spending in it. That is where the crooked Politians get some of their kick backs. Lets see if the so-called Republicans hand Pres. Trump a clean Bill.

Anonymous said...

Typical Govt PORK !!!! That's why Never enough $$$$$

Anonymous said...

I could LIVE Nicely off the damn Govt PORK ....Like hitting
the frigg'in Lottery !!!!!!!!!

It is a Criminal offense the way our Govt waist money
and Nobody is held accountable.........

If you took a frigg'in ink pen you would be in jail !!!!

lmclain said...

I am sure that "your guy" had nothing to do with any of this sleazy, low-down, backroom wheeling and dealing. He's crystal clean and a true patriot. I'm POSITIVE.
uh, check the votes.
Go ahead.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Emergency spending bills are "free money" to congressmen seeking to fund their pet projects in their home states, far removed from any disaster area. Another example of our corrupt congress. Term Limits are the ONLY answer!