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Friday, August 25, 2017

New Research Reveals Why Avoiding Tuna Is Still a Good Idea

Fish has always been the best dietary source of the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. While your body may be able to produce some of these fats, the process is relatively inefficient, so they are considered conditionally essential.1 This means to acquire sufficient amounts for optimal health, you need to consume the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA from your food.

Unfortunately, as the levels of pollution in the oceans have increased, so have the toxins you consume. If you aren’t choosy about where your fish is harvested, the pollutants in the fish may outweigh the benefits of the healthy fats. At the same time, many fish species have been overfished and dangerously depleted. Orange roughy is one example. A slow growing, deep water fish, they don’t usually reproduce until age 20 and may live up to 149 years.2

In the 1980s the popularity of orange roughy exploded and led to driving it almost to extinction. In some areas, fishing for roughy has been restricted and scientists expect it to take many years for the population to recover, if it ever does. Farm-raised fish are also not the answer as they present problems for both the environment and the consumer.3

Raising fish in a confined area results in the same kind of waste pollution problems as land-based factory animal farms struggle with. Fish farms also reduce biodiversity, spread disease and sea lice, and contaminate water with pesticides. It is important to consider not only your health but also the impact on the environment when choosing seafood for your family.



Unknown said...

Especially if any tuna comes from the Pacific ocean. Remember Fukushima?

Anonymous said...

MOST OF THIS ARTICLE IS HOG WASH--JUST DON'T WANT PEOPLE EATING HEALTHY FISH.This is the work of radical environmentalists who would rather you eat gmo foods and die so as not to populate the planet. The healthiest fish are in the Atlantic Ocean especially off of the Md and NC coasts. Farm raised fish are unhealthy and most tilapia are all farm raised in China and Vietnam. The tuna you want to avoid are fish caught in the far East and especially any ahi tuna as it is treated with CO2 to make it bright red. Any tuna from the East Coast of USA are safe and you would have to eat approx 2000# in a 30 day period to get mercury poisoning. The fed govt has put so many sword fish and tuna fishermen out of business with their draconian regulations that only 22% of the US quota is caught each year.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but we're all gonna die.