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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Incredible! Leaked Documents Show Muslims Bought Off U.S. Government In Preparation For Takeover


Anonymous said...

Bought off Obama and the Demon-crats Yes Fact !!!
Good thing Hillary LOST !!!!

Anonymous said...

They had the best spy in America working for them
Obama and Hillary ......what else better for a weapon ???

Anonymous said...

All the money Hillary took while in office from Foreign
places .......... illegal ......but Nothing Happens to her

And that Clinton Foundation.....Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama was America's " BAG DADDY "

Anonymous said...

10:42 AM you sound shocked that nothing has happened to these people.... What makes you think they ever would go to jail or have anything happen to them??? Nothing ever has, nor will it ever so again, what makes you think they would have????

This is the problem with you people here in america, you all don't give a damn unless it affected you in some way, but always want to run your mouth about how your being affected and won't do anything about it... Furthermore, the problem here is you people won't learn from history, which repeats itself over and over and over again... No politician ever goes to jail, unless it is politically motivated to do so or when someone won't go along to get along and to make an example out of them...