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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

BUSTED! Anti-Trump Attorney General Caught Banking Campaign Cash From Putin Tied Oil Tycoon

Isn’t this interesting… one of the rabid Democratic attorney generals who attacked President Trump for his non-existent ties to Russia, has himself been caught taking donations from an energy tycoon out of the Ukraine that has ties to Vladimir Putin. This hasn’t been in the news at all. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has accepted more than $60,000 in donations from Leonard Blavatnik, who is a Ukrainian energy billionaire. Now, why do you think someone like that would be greasing the palm of a New York AG? It can’t be for anything good.

People like this don’t give money to certain politicians for no reason. We don’t buy this guy’s energy, so I’d really like to know why he’s giving heavy change to Schneiderman. He has raised $1.7 million in contributions during the first half of this year alone. Blavatnik has been involved in Russia’s oil industry for several years. One of his primary financial ventures, AAR, sold a 50 percent stake in energy company TNK, one of Russia’s largest oil companies, where Blavatnik served on the board of directors. The ties that bind this guy to Putin look pretty darn deep to me.



Anonymous said...

That's what dems do, accuse others of what they are doing to throw heat off of themselves

Anonymous said...

All this facts that are out there and kept hushed should end the Russian investigation quickly so they can cover up the Democrats from prosecution and proving fake news accusations against Pres. Trump.

Anonymous said...

1;02,right on but low info democrats don't get it.

Anonymous said...

The Russian mafia has a firm grip in New York.