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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Would You Join A $3/Month Generic Toothpaste Club?

A few years ago, Dollar Shave Club proved that people like receiving perpetual refills of discounted basic items in the mail. Could this business model extend to other kinds of products? The company Brandless has launched an online store full of generic items where everything is less-processed and yuppie-friendly, and each item costs $3. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No. Dumb idea . I don't use generic toothpaste!

Anonymous said...

I buy a dozen Bic razors once a year for $5 and they last me all year. so, no.

Anonymous said...

Too many people were sucked in by toothpaste commercials to use way too much product when brushing. All that's needed is a pea-sized glob of toothpaste on the bristles.

A 6 ounce tube lasts me about a year.

Anonymous said...

When you only have half your teeth, a tube can last all year.