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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Is the GOP serious about governing?

We are now almost six months into the new administration with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the White House. There is plenty of activity at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A conservative Supreme Court justice. Regulation roll backs. Renegotiation of lopsided trade deals. Walking away from nonsensical global warming treaties. Reassertion of American and Western values. Putting the brakes on a reckless, destructive immigration policy. And finally, a long overdue, well deserved beat back of a hostile, partisan media.

What’s happening across town in the hallowed halls of Congress? Obamacare repeal and/or replace? Tax reform? Infrastructure? Anything?

Congress too has had six months to work, to create legislation. Meaningful bills that the President is likely to sign into law. Unlike the past six years where anything from Congress would be struck down by the Obama veto pen.

Anyone need a reminder? Congress couldn’t stop the Democrat agenda without first controlling the House. Delivered. Then they told us they needed the Senate. Delivered. But wait, everything we pass will be vetoed by the White House. Delivered last November. So now what? I thought the GOP was serious about what they needed in order to govern.


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lmclain said...

SEVEN years to come up with a plan. Read that again. And they don't have one.

What? They didn't think obama's term would end in 2016?
They couldn't spare any time from fundraising to craft a replacement plan that was ready to implement at the first opportunity?
Was all the time they take off from their supposed job getting in the way of actually DOING their job???
March them all into the street and begin the hanging. Make them stand and watch until it's their turn.
Or re-elect them again and believe the same BS they said last time.
Keep cheering.