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Friday, July 07, 2017

Our Political Parties Are Obsolete

When the parties do finally implode, the general mood will be: good riddance.

History informs us that once something is obsolete, it can disappear far faster than anyone expected. While we generally think of obsoleted technologies vanishing, social and political systems can become obsolete as well.

Should a poor soul who entered a deep coma a year ago awaken today, we must forgive his/her astonishment at the political wreckage left by the 2016 election. The Democratic Party, a mere year ago an absurdly over-funded machine confident in an easy victory in the presidential race, is now a complete shambles: its leadership in free-fall, its Fat-Cat donors disgusted, and its demented intoxication with pinning collaboration with Russia on the Trump camp eroding whatever feeble legacy legitimacy it still holds. What the party stands for is a mystery, as its Elites are clearly beholden to insiders, special interests and Corporate donors while glorifying the worst excesses of globalism and the National Security State's endless war on civil liberties.

The newly awakened citizen would also marvel at the chaotic war zone of the Republican Party, in which the Insider Warlords are battling insurgent Outsiders, while the same Elites that fund the Democratic machine are wondering what they're buying with their millions of dollars in contributions, for it's unclear what the Republican Party stands for: it's for Small Government, except when it's for Bigger Government, which is 95% of the time; it's for more law enforcement and the militarization of local police, and more intrusion into the lives of the citizenry; it's for stricter standards for welfare, except for Corporate Welfare; it's for tax reform, except the thousands of pages of give-aways, loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations all remain untouched, and so on: a smelly tangle of special interests masked by a few sprays of PR air freshener to the millions left behind by the globalization that has so enriched Corporate America and the class of financier-owners, bankers, insiders and technocrats--the same group that funds and controls both political parties.



Anonymous said...

The two party system is here to stay. The two parties will never relinquish their hold on power. The only way to get rid of the parties will be with a revolution against our corrupt government, and a subsequent constitutional convention to re-write the constitution. Once we put term limits on the bastards, they will once again be responsible to the citizens. Only then.....

Anonymous said...

If the Constitution was any good, we never would've gotten to this point. We never should have gotten rid of the TRUE founding of this country- the Articles of Confederation.

Anonymous said...

The first step in trying set the country in order is to establish at least
a 3rd party to put an end to the posturing of the present group we have
that is more concerned with their status than the state of our nation and its

Anonymous said...

Obsolescence is a fact of life that is a constant. Its called evolution. Its NOT the party image, its the people in the party. Rightly stated these 'parties' have a choke hold on the
electorate and will NOT ALLOW the independents, liberals, or other factions to hold a position
in any seats election process. To appear on a ballot as an 'independant' one has to petition with a
quorum of registered voters where a democrat or republican doesn't. Is this illegal? yes I think so yet no challenges have been filed to the contrary.
Since the ONLY folks who like cry babies are mothers and democrats no one will take up the cause for change. The dumbocrats might as well face it,'the mailman ran over their dog' and everyone who is sane is tired of hearing it. THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY OUT,SOON. Time for voters to realize these "party people are only in it for themselves and good ole boy political pals. VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not Fooled>>>>Bob Aswell

Anonymous said...

The government doesn't work for the American People.
That is a fairy tale.

It has always worked for the financial elite, but in modern times the Western Countries have become more global because the financial elite are now global. The financial elite are the people who own the banks and thereby most of the stock market. Banking is what changed after Dodd-Frank and with the elimination of the Bretton Woods Agreement. In 1972 the US removed Bretton Woods by departing from the gold standard. That is when our currency (US Dollar) became totally fiat (backed by nothing).

Politics supports the economy, not the other way around. Political decisions and laws are passed which benefit the financiers and those people have learned for the most part to "get along". That is why there is no longer any competition. There is no free market, because there is no market. The rich people agreed not to compete with each other. They merged their interests and monopoly capitalism was the result. It is totally different from the fairy tale of Free Market Capitalism. FMC simply no longer exists, if it ever existed. Shell, Exxon, BP, Conoco do not compete with each other. Isn't that obvious by now?

So the 2 party system is simply what remains of the illusion that the People matter. They do not. They are surfs. They pay taxes to support the interest on the debt owed by governments to the bankers. The bankers own the world.

The 2 party system is totally fake, like the so-called news organizations. It is all propaganda. Our leaders are chosen, not elected. They use electronic voting machines without paper receipts for a reason. The candidates interview for the position by visiting Israel, Council for Foreign Affairs, Trilateral Commission, so on. Mr. Trump interviewed for the position and then he and his good friend Hillary pretended to campaign against each other. It is literally all just theatre of the absurd.

Wake up and learn how the world works for crying out loud.
It is right in front of your face, but you have blinders on your eyes.
The media is all scripted, not just the sitcoms and drams, but the pretend real life.
Today Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin will pretend to speak behind closed doors about important topics.
Later they will each read the script which was prepared for them by their bosses.
Intelligence is the real government and it works for the bankers.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

They are both the same with their global agenda of control over the people.