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Sunday, July 30, 2017

OCPD Investigating Numerous Reports Of Malicious Destruction.


Officers are currently investigating numerous reports of malicious destruction in the downtown area. An unknown suspect(s) marked, or “tagged", several properties with a large magic marker or hand held paint pen.

Officers have located tagging’s between 9th – 14th Street from just off the boardwalk to the bay. A majority of the tags are in green paint.

Anyone with information or observing suspicious suspects in the area is asked to call us at 410-723-6600.


Anonymous said...

Pray For Surf

Anonymous said...

What's that Berlin girl doing lately?

Anonymous said...

MS-11 - not quite as mean as MS-13 but quite proud of their logo and font.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they're visiting or wannabe Scots, reminding us of the "Eleven" elevator skit.

Anonymous said...

11 lol.

Anonymous said...

It reads "CEVEN" to me.