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Friday, July 21, 2017


This past week, Ocean City Police had their hands full with cases of indecent exposure as people somehow became convinced that the world was their bathroom.

Ocean City can be a wonderful place during the summertime. Visitors of all walks of life descend on the small ocean town for fun in the sun with family and friends.

There are a lot of things that we usually assume should go without saying. Don’t get drunk at a bar and startpointing a gun at people, for example.

Well, sometimes there are just common sense things that need to be said anyway.

Stop exposing yourself and peeing in public. Just… stop. You are never more than a hundred yards away from a bathroom in Ocean City or you can just wade into the water and pee there, like a normal tourist. Please, don’t expose yourself and pee in public. [End Public Service Announcement]

Unfortunately, some people can’t grasp that fundamental part of living in a civilized society and they all seem to want to visit Ocean City…



Anonymous said...

You don't see such prudish views and laws in Europe. Peeing is just that. Everyone does it. In Europe, one must just make a reasonable attempt to not expose oneself, when relieving oneself. Heck, I've used highway (Autobahn) rest stops that had no buildings, just shrubbery. "Civilization" can be just stupid sometimes. Just look at what "civilization" has done for our bathroom policies under the Obama administration.

Shadow said...

Prudish? How about I whip it out and pee in front of your family? How bout them apples?

Anonymous said...

947 then move to Europe. We will not stop you. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Prudish? How about I whip it out and pee in front of your family? How bout them apples?

July 21, 2017 at 11:38 AM

And the prudes have responded. Read what was posted, before you comment. No one said anything about "whipping it out in front" of anybody. Quite the contrary. Obama's bathroom policy made it so a man that identifies as a woman can go into a restroom with your daughter, and has the RIGHT to "whip it out" right in front of her. I guess you are alright with that, as long as he/she doesn't do it in public. You aren't talking about "apples." You are talking about apples compared to oranges.

Anonymous said...

July 21, 2017 at 12:25 PM

That's your answer? Why don't you VISIT Europe and get out of your blindfolded shell? It would give you a more worldly view and expand your knowledge of civilization. We are not all alike (thank God!). Some of us are more traveled and can put OUR views, as a nation and as individuals, in perspective with views of other nations. My observations while stationed in Europe were that Europeans are not obsessed with bodily functions and do not criminalize them because they involve body parts. Peeing, pooping, belching, and farting, are not frowned on in Europe. Heck, they don't even acknowledge those acts as anything but a human function, and certainly not something to be criminalized.

I have no desire to move to Europe. But I am grateful that the US military gave me the opportunity to work and live in Europe for two years, in service to my country.

Before every now starts calling me some damn liberal, I have never been registered as a Democrat, and I am as conservative as they get.

Anonymous said...

It used to just be a public urination charge now you're on the sex offender registry because you can't make it to the can.

Shadow said...

After further reading of the previous post- I retract my post due to the fact that I didn't realize the poster did emphasize not exposing one's self. I read too quickly through the post before responding and after further reading I actually agree with the person that commented. My bad.