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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Media Doesn't Want To Talk About Welfare

A GOP bill backed by the Freedom Caucus that reforms welfare programs calls for spending cuts and strengthening work requirements, sparking outrage from the establishment media.

The phrase “welfare reform” strikes fear in the hearts of liberals everywhere, and acts as a clarion call for the establishment media to hurl unfair assertions at its opponents. The tired, one-sided argument that the GOP only proposes welfare spending to pay “for tax cuts” for the rich and “massive hikes in defense spending,” all at the expense of needy children, is back.

Cuts to welfare spending are often framed by media outlets as being catastrophic to the poor, and that lowering requirements for enrollees and increasing spending is compassionate. However, those that advocate for lowering welfare spending or adding work requirements want to see people starving in the streets, as the narrative goes. Vox’s Tara Golshan quotes James Ziliak, University of Kentucky’s Center for Poverty Research director, saying that a “sizable population” would be left “destitute” if the GOP’s reform plan became a reality.



Anonymous said...

But able bodied individuals shouldn't be aloud to suckle on the teat with no qualms about working or finding work.

Anonymous said...

And yet when they add the work requirement the food stamp/welfare rolls drop significantly. Some required either working 20 part-time hours or 6 hours community service per week. They wouldn't even do the 6 hours. They dropped off of the rolls instead. That tells me they didn't need to be on welfare. If I didn't have anything to eat and they told me I had to do 6 hours community service to be able to get food stamps, I would be asking where do you want me to start.

Anonymous said...

Who in their "media mind" would want to talk about welfare or welfare reform? According to Dems, its sad, boring and DOES NOT MAKE GOOD RATINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil do the Dems know, ratings for their once powerhouse cablers CNN/PMSNBC are tanking! What are they ever going to do???

(psst - oh I about reporting the news again!!!)


Anonymous said...

Don't let it worry you.
The Fed simply prints fiat US Dollars out of thin air, so there is no danger that they will take your (or mine) tax money and give it to the poor. Heck, they can't even pay the interest on the national debt (at deflated interest rates!) with the tax money they collect from me and you.

Concerned Retiree said...

Kick the able bodies off "welfare", " public assistance" and make them work if nothing else doing civil service work. They will not because then they will have to pay for their healthcare, food, housing and other living expense. They will not be able to get their free healthcare, free food, free housing, big screen tv, IPhones, and fancy vehicles that the tax payer is paying for. All the more reason to kick them off social programs and make them work.

Anonymous said...

How many of us do six or ten or even twenty hours of community service every week without pay and without being asked? Plenty. Everyone should try it. It can even help chronic back pain. 😉

Anonymous said...

I work from jan to april for these leaches. That pays my taxes. The rest of the year is what i get for my 8 months of work. Any able body who does not want to contribute. NO MORE WELFARE FOR YOU.